Special lever handle


Lever handwheel

Weight: 0.210 kg

Cod. F12654

Galvanised washer D6.4x12.5

Cod. F20624

Stainless steel snap ring D6

Cod. F21060

Stainless steel spring cotter D3x30

Cod. F21505

Steel ball D4.762 (3/16")

Cod. F21605

Spring OutD 4.9 - Wire D 0.8 - Length 18.5

Cod. N30171

Stainless steel pin for Elesa hand grip D15x65

Cod. N30172

Stainless steel hex. pin 10x56

Cod. N40120

Nylon door slam support 40x20x15

Cod. N90211

Nylon threaded bushing, D40x23 M18x1.5

Cod. N90402

D6.2/D15 H7.5 nylon space

Cod. N90901

Nylon ring nut D40 H7

Cod. F20626

Stainless steel snap ring D10

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