Sundry accessories

Cod. F22530   NEW B1010-144709 MEASURE

Pin D6x20 for slide

Material: hardened Fe

Delivery condition: in stock

Note: together with code N40132 (support) and code N90902 (wheel) it represents an effective alternative to coupling N15849 for door sliding. It is the ideal solution for long sliding doors, and it proves particularly suitable in case of frequent part replacement.

Cod. F11055
NEW B1080-001219
Grub screw for ring nut Material: galvanised Fe ...

Cod. F21711
NEW B1050-001214
Round cap Colour: grey...

Cod. L16102
NEW B1080-000038
Polyamide (with fiberglass) pin Color: Grey Stat...

Cod. L16103
NEW B1080-001395
Polyamide (with fiberglass) hinge bushing Co...

Cod. L16112
NEW B1080-001401
Polyamide (with fiberglass) bushing Lenght 36mm, ...

Cod. N20751
NEW B1010-144749
doubling plate for Q.30mm profile Material: Stain...

Cod. N20753
NEW B1010-144753
doubling plate for Q.25mm profile Material: Stain...

Cod. N90809
NEW B1080-001536
Ring nut for pin diameter 6mm Material: stainless...

Cod. N90810
NEW B1080-001537
Ring nut for pin diameter 8mm Material: stainless...

Cod. F10118
NEW B1080-001062
Stainless steel rivet 3,2x9mm...

Cod. L16112
NEW B1080-001401
Polyamide (with fiberglass) bushing Lenght 20mm, ...

Cod. N30125
NEW B1080-001502
Stainless steel pin, 8mm dia. with thread Materia...

Cod. N90207
NEW B1080-000116
Threaded bushing M4 mm Material: butter-finished ...

Cod. N90208
NEW B1080-000117
Threaded bushing M5mm Material: butter-finished s...

Cod. N90209
NEW B1080-000118
Threaded bushing M6 mm Material: butter-finished ...

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