Angle joint elements

Cod. SN06001   NEW B1050-002354 MEASURE

45° curved coupling assembly for structural profile SA02003

Finish: silver anodised aluminum

Delivery condition: low availability for limited use

Note: The accessories F21070 (pin), N30175 (threaded pin) and the coupling itself code N40123 are supplied together as a set.

Cod. SL03001
NEW B1050-002323
Corner piece 18x25x42 Material: cast aluminum De...

Cod. SL03002
NEW B1050-002324
Corner piece 25x42x42 Material: cast aluminum De...

Cod. SL03003
NEW B1050-002325
Corner piece 40x42x42 Material: cast aluminum De...

Cod. SL03004
NEW B1050-002326
Corner piece 40x84x84 Material: cast aluminum De...

Cod. SL03005
NEW B1050-002327
Corner piece 84x84x84 Material: cast aluminum De...

Cod. SL03006
NEW B1050-002328
Multiple angle junction 45x45x45 Material: cast a...

Cod. SN05001
NEW B1050-002352
Joint element with no need of drilling Material: ...

Cod. SN06002
NEW B1050-002355
Revolving coupling assembly for structural line pr...

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